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I don’t like talking about myself, but someone once wrote something pretty nice that sums me up pretty well.

Jeremy Mullens is a big guy, with a big heart. His knowledge base when marketing real estate agents is unparalleled; though you would never know it because he is so modest.


“I believe that learning is the key to growth, passions are the door to success and risks are what set people apart. I enjoy being a “Jack of All Trades” when it comes to visual communications & marketing direction; it’s all about learning more, consuming information and providing the best possible out come for my clients” says Jeremy.


With his unique, creative approach Jeremy loves connecting with agents one-on-one to find out what makes them tick and then building their real estate niche from there. He makes use of his natural creativity and his degree in Visual Communications from Kendal College of Art and Design to ensure that the agents he works with stand out and run profitable businesses with great marketing & prospecting strategies.

I like being in the front of the pack with knowledge and techniques when it comes to branding agents I work with because as a wise person once said “if you’re not the lead dog, the view is always the same.” God gave me the foresight, gifts, and talent – I strive to never let him down.


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Jeremy applies “heart” to what ever he does. Very techie and creative and customer service focused. Jeremy is a pleasure to work with.

Michelle Gordon

REALTOR, The Gordon Group

Jeremy has the gift of understanding my technical requests, presented in none technical terms, developing a solution or solving whatever problem I attempted to describe, and then relaying the whole process back to me in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Jeremy is extremely proactive in his position. Far beyond simply aiding in the use of technology and answering my questions about different technologies, Jeremy consistently introduces me to new technologies and ways of using them to positively impact my Real Estate sales business. In addition, Jeremy is the most understanding, patient, and courteous “tech guru” I have encountered, regardless of the questions I ask or how often I need to be refreshed on them. Jeremy is the “go-to” guy for anything at all related to information technology. This includes all Keller Williams advanced technology systems and tools, along with industry and even all sales technology systems in general.

Leigh Smith

REALTOR, Packard Smith Realty

Jeremy is a great resource at our Keller Williams Rivertown office. He answers my questions and solves my problems. If it’s technology related – Jeremy is the guy. He has assisted me with marketing pieces, logos, websites, real estate photos, SEO, social media, blogs and much more. There is nothing he can’t do.

Justin Coulson


Jeremy is truly a jack of all trades and a master of darn near all of them. I truly am impressed with his knowledge and skill level in such a wide scope of areas. There are certainly a large number of people that are born with natural talent. There is also a fairly large percentage of people that can learn and understand a trade. Well Jeremy is in different smaller more select category where he is gifted with both. He has many natural talents, as well as a real gift to dive into learning and acquiring new talents as he goes. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone. He has a passion for learning and a passion for helping others. He is a rare and impressive person.

Tim LaDuke


Jeremy is truly an excellent communicator who is able to turn an idea into a brainstorm session, into a plan, into something tangible, and finally into a profit. I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy collaboratively on some projects in the past and he truly demonstrated his knowledge and professionalism by always being organized, creative, and positive. When you work with Jeremy you get the added benefit of someone who really does listen.

Matt Muscat

Real Estate Marketing, Treadstone Mortgage

Jeremy constantly strives to better himself both personally and professionally, and in doing so enriches the people he works with daily. His commitment to providing up to date information on real estate trends and technology is astounding and he has such a fabulous attitude that he is a joy to work with. You rock Jeremy!

Bev Martin


Jeremy is truly wonderful to work with. He designed a website for our team and he not only met but exceeded our expectations. He was easy to brain storm with, to contact with any questions and his turn around time was terrific! I highly recommend Jeremy for any design needs you have!

Deborah Herridge

REALTOR, The Herridge Group

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Jeremy Mullens over the course of my career at Keller Williams Realty. His contribution to the rapid growth of the Keller Williams RiverTown office is immeasurable. Just Jeremy’s presence in the office has attracted agents to the office. He is a resource to new and established agents, providing his valuable expertise in marketing and artistic design.
Jeremy possesses wide breadth and depth of marketing skills. He is extremely knowledgeable in the use and implementation of social media marketing. This is complemented by his extensive technological know-how. Jeremy has successfully combined these technical skills and knowledge base with his training as an artist. He readily applies his proficiencies not only to digital mediums, but to print media as well. Creative genius is a term that well describes this man.
Jeremy is continually sought out by marketing peers, technologists, sales agents and artists within and outside the real estate industry. His wisdom and intelligence is equally matched and balanced with his delightful personality. He is always willing and able to share his talents and does so often through formal and informal training sessions. He is well recognized as a leader and frequently organizes and coordinates work related and non-work related community activities.

Eric Olsen

REALTOR, Best Catch Realty

Jeremy is always willing to help. His vast amount of experience in the field compliments his knowledge very well. Jeremy works well with all people, and adapts to learning styles to best deliver his services. Always accommodating and wants to help others succeed.

Stephanie Hainer


I have worked with Jeremy on several projects now. These include but are not limited to web design, marketing campaigns and film projects. Jeremy is a wealth of creativity but still able to provide excellent result in a timely manner. In my experience this is a rarity among the creative.

Nicholas Davidson

Videographer, Mitten Productions

Jack of all trades” is a title that Jeremy has used before, and rightly so. I’ve known him for four years and I continue to marvel at his work – from ideas and concepts to actual products. Many people I know have great ideas, but lack the energy and drive to produce. Jeremy has the motivation, along with tremendous talent, to put forth quality work. He is constantly learning new methods and mediums to express himself and better his skills. He reminds me of successful people like the Wright brothers – he may not succeed on his first try, but that does not hinder him from trying again and again until he makes it work. If I had plans to begin a business, Jeremy would definitely be at the top of my list of people to hire!

Walter Elliot

Photographer, Images by Walter E. Elliot

Jeremy is a ‘professional optimist’ who looks for the best in any given situation. Over the years we have worked together on creative projects including print, video, web, and social media with exceedingly positive results. In addition to his artistic and attitudinal talents, Jeremy has an understanding of social media and networking that I greatly respect and admire.

Aaron Sullivan

Art Director, Extra Credit Projects

I have learned so much from Jeremy! He is truly an innovative individual. He has his finger on the pulse of our industry and he is always to teach our office about how to leverage the most up-to-date marketing opportunities. He also does a stellar job on property photo shoots. I receive the files (branded just for me!) within hours after he shoots and they are always beautiful. Thanks for all that you do, Jeremy!!!

Sarah Simon


I’ve hired Jeremy on several occasions for illustration and graphic design work (color and font treatments, logos, branding work…) and for production/post-production on photography and videography work. No matter the medium Jeremy delivers top notch creative and on time. Ask any of his clients or connections and they will agree he’s consistently a top performer.

Jason Johnson

REALTOR / Photographer

Jeremy keeps pace with the latest technology and marketing ideas. He has helped me market and brand my business. Jeremy’s bottom line is customer satisfaction.

Mike Harig


It would be hard to find someone as creative and full of wide-eyed wonder as Jeremy – qualities that are so rare these days. Jeremy has the talent to bring together whatever marketing project and the ingenuity to give it a fresh look. It is always a treat to talk to him – such a positive influence in our community!

Dawn Wilder

Marketing Consultant, Ace Home Inspections

Jeremy exceeds all expectations in his work and his integrity.  He was brought on our team to assist with marketing, technology, and assisting agents in those areas. His position evolved to include those things and so much more. While he is assisting the agents with their marketing, he is also coaching them and holding them accountable in their business.
His knowledge and talents span so much farther beyond what his title says.
I relied on his creativity and team spirit is areas of events, promotion, recruiting, and agent education.

Micki Ackerman


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