Continuing Education is a must for anyone. People who set themselves apart from the crowd are those who are not comfortable standing still. Doing research on bettering techniques, learning new objectives and following up from past experiences creates wisdom. A creative is no exception. They need the time and patience to wrap themselves around an idea, then create the solution to spreading it to the masses.

One thing that creatives don’t get enough credit for is their creative problem solving. When presented with a problem, their main job is to find a solution. How much are those solutions worth? Is a website worth $15,000 if it increases sales? Is the 10 minute video project worth $20,000 if it’s the best way to communicate your message? Is it worth it to sign your creative up for continuing education if they want to use it to produce more for the business, or are you thinking you don’t want them to learn because you are afraid they will take their knowledge and work for your competitor?

If you are afraid they will leave, then ask yourself why you have them on your staff to begin with. Chances are they have helped increase revenue for your business, and if that is the case, you should reward them by letting them do what they are passionate about. Let them learn, let them think, let them help you profit from what they have absorbed. If you treat them well, reward them richly for their successes, why would they even consider looking elsewhere? Being a jack of all trades is a gift that should be used by everyone who knows them. Holding too tight will only hurt yourself in the long run.

Self improvement shouldn’t be a request, it should be given freely.

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