Is there a line to being too “self improved” in today’s economy? Where is the line to which one has learned enough to get the ball rolling?  I ask this because I have seen a loop happening; people are always reading the next book, next blog but hardly ever take what they have absorbed and making it work for them.

People always want the answer on how to do something, but putting things into action takes an internal battle that most people are just too afraid to push.

You can read all the books you want, you can write them down in a notebook, or you can just “do”.  Failing is part of the game, and no matter what anyone tells you – if you don’t experience something for yourself you have no room to talk or tell someone else what books they should read or how a certain author has influenced you to change your life when you’re doing the exact same thing you did before reading the book.

I am a big fan of improvement books – and know that there is a difference between learning and achieving.

Improvement takes follow through.

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