You could have a kingdom. Data is king. Seriously, let’s put this King Data on the throne because without Data our kingdom is worthless.

You process almost an infinite amount of data each day. Your bodily senses are data receivers. Through site, smell, taste and sound you can only consume so much at one time.  Don’t believe me – STOP – do you hear the air flowing around you? The fan or wind in the background that you kind of forgot about until I mentioned it? That’s because your brain shuts off certain portions of data that could overwhelm you.

Now, let’s talk about data as information that is collected… what do you do that information? Chances are you’d make a decision to do something with it, right? It’s a clear day, 70 degrees and the opportunity to be outside sounds good so you’ll take that info and maybe play a round of golf, or jump on your bike and go for a ride.

With data comes the opportunity for a result.

Okay, now let’s talk about your real estate business. What data do you need in order to produce results?

Chances are if you knew there was a fraction of a chance that someone wanted to move you’d take that incoming data and put it to good use, right? So what if there was a tool out there that actually collected that data in the background for you and then gave you a list of names of people who might be looking to move in the near future… would that tool be useful to you?

Everything you do online is collected. That data is then used for or against you, right? You visit Amazon and that pair of boots follows you through the internet for days. You like something on Facebook and then you see it over and over again. Our data consumption is growing at an unbelievable rate and honestly – if you can use it for good, would you? If you knew someone was looking for a new home, wouldn’t you want to help them negotiate the best deal possible?

Gary Keller, kind of a big deal in the real estate industry, has stated that this data that can predict a home owner’s move is a positive game changer for agents who embrace it and use it to their fullest advantage.

Now just because you have a tool doesn’t mean you know how to use it properly. You can’t put a rookie in front of a table saw without showing him the ropes or giving him some kind of knowledge on how to work the thing, right?

Simply put, you should be looking at SmartZip, a data collector that works with real estate agents to help them find the people that are looking to move and get you in front of them first. It is a game changer on so many levels.

King Data has room in his royal court for you, all you need to do is find it.

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