Have you ever sat next to a table at a nice restaurant and overheard someone order something that wasn’t on the menu?

When I was in San Francisco there was this fascinating lady who just had a kind and warm mannerism who did just that, ordered something completely off the menu.  She first warmed her server up by asking him if they had certain ingredients to create this salad that she wanted.  Some of the ingredients went a bit over my head (I like my meat and potatoes) and others were pretty common.  She went on to create substitutions for ingredients they were lacking that could be replaced and how they could cook them or sear them or pan fry them to get her desired taste to perfection.  The server took notes and said that he would return with the chef’s answers.

Now in my head I had a million different ideas on how this could turnout.  It depended on the Chef’s attitude on being taught how to cook from this woman.  Would he come out swinging with pride?  Would he think that this woman didn’t know what she was talking about?

He did the right thing; he came out and met the woman, shook her hand and corrected the server on several ingredients that they did have and that he would be delighted to make her salad a reality.  Her wish was his command and he was determined she leave happy.

I admire him for his attitude.

At Keller Williams RiverTown we have a philosophy of “always do the right thing.”  Always.  It’s not an option to walk a fine line and when it comes to our business this simple model will take us further than we could have thought because it’s a moral victory and no one, no thing can take that away from us.

So I challenge you to accept the fact that your clients will order off the menu and that we have to be gracious and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.

If you have questions about Real Estate marketing & branding in general, give me a call at 616-717-8294 or email me at jeremymullens@kw.com.

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