You might find yourself talking with professionals who have it “all” – i.e., they have the best lenses, they have a top of the line computer, they have an awesome phone and top of the line software that means they can do everything.  They strive to stay on top of technology because they think that in today’s world the market requires these things for the best results.  You wanna know something?  They might be right, and they might be wrong.  Technology makes things nicer for sure, but to really master your trade(s) you need the driving force that can’t be bought.  Passion.  Passion is what sets a neighborhood mom and pop shop against a corporate identity.  Yes, cheap is comfortable, but cheap isn’t better, quality service is worth more and that can only be found with an underlaying of passion to follow through.   A creative that is passionate about their services or products will give more because they are worth more.  Make sure passion is in their arsenal too.

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