I was talking to a friend the other day, one who has started some great business ventures but none of them have ever came through to fruition.  We started talking about failure, and how he has failed more times that most people because he at least attempted to get something started.  A little background; my friend also has a full time job that he’s had for at least 6 years and his business spirit really has only been around for about 4 years.  As our conversation continued I started to realize something; he’s always had an exit plan. He wasn’t afraid of failure because he has a good 40 hour a week job that he enjoys.

I find it interesting that something can be dubbed a failure if it doesn’t fit in one’s schedule.

I find it even more interesting that a failure could have been a lack of interest on fulfilling a goal.

I find it humorous that he was even calling them failures at all because his ideas were sound and with a bit more commitment on his part he would have been able to call them a success.

I had to stop him from continuing because to me, he only failed once, and that was by not committing to a plan of action.

We talked about this for a while, me voicing my opinions and it became clear to both of us; having an exit plan will always be the plan if you let it.

So I urge you to consider the following; for your next idea, the one that will change the lives of others for the better, file that exit plan in a hidden safe and pretend it doesn’t exist.  We would all love to see what would happen if you did.


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