The_Flow_of_thingsI love meeting new agents who are excited to do so many different things; I know they get overwhelmed at the amount of information that they have given to them on a daily basis and let’s face it – starting out is one of the most exciting times in a real estate career.  It’s true that most agents try to implement everything at once and it gets [very] confusing and some feel that it goes over their head; but for those select few who get it… it’s a thing of dramatic beauty.

I kind of look at each of them as their own personal Grand Canyon.  See, the Grand Canyon was formed by a river.  When in its infancy rain water (prospected clients) would gather in small pools (data being fed all at one time) and those pockets would connect with bigger pockets (connecting the dots) and soon there was a current that flowed towards another current (seeing the big picture) and eventually there was a river that formed that continuously chiseled away at the stone and formed one of the most magnificent sites on earth (success achieved through built knowledge, practice and follow through).

The one thing that makes them stand out among all others is so simple, so drastically simple that most overlook the power of it… follow through.  The ones that succeed know that the information they gathered isn’t supposed to form a pond, they know they need the flow of things to create something spectacular.

Question for you, do you know of anyone who has ever traveled thousands of miles to see a stagnate pond?

If you have questions about real estate marketing, systems that will set you up for success or technology that can help you along the way; reach out at or 616-717-8294.  I am here to help!

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