Uberfication of Real EstateRecently I was able to attend the Inman Tech Conference and the buzz word this year was “Uberfication”, a term that has been brought forth by the popular transportation app called Uber.  Uber allows consumers direct access to getting rides from people who use their personal vehicles as a sort of taxi service.  The app allows you to request a car and pay over the phone seamlessly.  It’s a win for the client because they get instant access to cars in their area, it’s a win for the drivers who can make some money on the side without paying the steep taxi fees that are required by the state and government.

Taxi drivers hate Uber.  Despise it…

Why wouldn’t they, it scares the pants off of their bottoms and it takes money from their wallets.  It goes against everything that feels right in their bones because their time to shine is over.  Progress, good or bad, has happened and they lost their control of the market.

Realtors need to keep in mind that Uber isn’t only going to effect the transportation business.  They need to not only keep it in mind, they need to start shifting their thought process accordingly. Simply put, Uber-like services give the power directly to the client.  Restaurants have taken notice of this trend, an example that Inman gave was the business called “Sprig” a food service in San Francisco that offers lunch and dinner at a VERY affordable price that is delivered to your door in under 20 minutes.  The meals are delicious, and utilize local resources and farms to provide food to the masses.

The change is coming to real estate and very soon; in some parts of the country it’s already here, the power is going to be given to the clients (and rightfully so).  Great customer service should now be your only focus because loyalty goes away with time and clients deserve to spend their time the way they want.  Make each experience a memorable one, let each client do your bragging for you.

Start preparing your sellers for 30 minutes notice to show a home because apps like Curb Call are already being utilized throughout the country where someone can drive up to a house and request a showing, available agents will be quick on the draw to claim the clients.  Your sellers need to prepared so that you can give everyone in the transaction a great experience.

Remember, nothing ever becomes real until it’s experienced.

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